Lady Gaga Hits 30 Million Twitter Followers

Lady Gaga is the first person to reach 30 million followers on the social networking site Twitter. The 26-year-old singer previously became the first person to earn 10 million followers, which occurred last May, and then 20 million in March. estimates that Gaga could be adding an extra 30,000 followers to her account every day. She currently leads several comparable pop stars--including Justin Bieber (28 million followers), Katy Perry (27 million) and Rihanna (26 million)--by a comfortable margin.

A study by social media company Status People previously suggested, however, that Gaga's number of followers is inflated due to the amount of inactive users or spamming accounts known as 'bots' that currently follow her. claimed that 71 per cent of her followers could be fake.

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