Jessie J Accepts Trey Songz's Invitation To Collaborate

Jessie J has confirmed that she is, in fact, interested in a collaboration with Trey Songz. The American crooner had previously put the word on the street that he is hoping to connect with Jessie and that he thinks her voice is "phenomenal."

During a recent radio interview, Jessie revealed that she has connected with Trigga Trey and she's keen to work with him too:

"Trey's cool man, we talk, he's a really cool guy. I definitely 100% want to work with him. Whether he'll be on this album or not is often not up to us because it's about timing and stuff."

She added that their busy schedules might make the collaboration more complicated:

"But I'm actually going to LA soon for quite a long time, so I'm hoping that he can be there at some point in the studio while I'm there and we can sing together."

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